Unbeatable efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle

Efficiency of rear-ventilated facades

Rear-ventilated facade systems are efficient by design. Despite their higher initial cost, they prove to be the most efficient wall type, thanks to their high durability and low maintenance requirements. Many investors prefer these facades for representative objects, whose rentability and profitability must be ensured.

City Hall in Leverkusen-Wiesdorf (Germany)zoom
Ceramic wall, City Hall in Leverkusen-Wiesdorf (Germany)
Photo: MOEDING Keramikfassaden

Cost Certainty
Rear-ventilated facades are regarded as the wall system least prone to damages. The rear-ventilated facade sustainably protects the building’s structure throughout its entire lifecycle. This durability is usually a result of energetic and structural advantages of rear-ventilated facades, since insulation and cladding (weather protection) are structurally divided from the rear-ventilated space.

Advantaces include:

  • An exact calculation of the facade
  • Implementation processes independent of weather
  • Short, efficient use of scaffoldings
  • No disposal expenditures during construction
  • Low follow-up costs and long maintenance intervals
  • Long-term value retention and increase of buildings
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