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Sustainability of rear-ventilated facades

Topics, such as construction and implementation quality, sustainability and the conservation of resources, are becoming increasingly important for the planning and construction of facades. Through consistent further development of the rear-ventilated facade system, FVHF and its members are making a significant contribution to fulfill the requirements of future-oriented construction styles.

Sustainability of rear-ventilated facadeszoom
The new construction of an Erich Kästner language school was equipped with a rear-ventilated facade construction made of Meteon panels by Dutch manufacturer TRESPA

The sustainable principle of the rear-ventilated facade is supported by its energy-efficient design and fully recyclable components.

The system of the rear-ventilated facade ensures a breakdown of the components into individual composites and a re-introduction into the individual material circles. Thus, rear-ventilated facades are already able to fulfill future EU standards.

A life-cycle analysis, as well as the analysis of ecological and sociocultural factors shows a positive balance for buildings with rear-ventilated facades. The facade system thus harmonises the three dimensions ecology, economy and sociocultural aspects.

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