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Founded in 1993, the Berlin-based Association for Materials and Components for Rear-Ventilated Facades, Fachverband für vorgehängte hinterlüftete Fassaden e.V. (FVHF), is a network of manufacturers, producers and engineers for design and consulting. One of the association’s goals is the promotion of the sophisticated structural and architectural design and implementation of new constructions or building modernisations. The association has taken on the task of communicating the advantages of rear-ventilated curtain facades to planners, building authorities, associations and clients. Competent and independent of any one manufacturer, the staff members of FVHF are happy to provide consulting services for the design of facade systems. FVHF is an associate member of the German Construction Industry Federation (HDB).

The historical roots of the rear-ventilated facade lie in wood shingle cladding Photo: FVHF
Today, rear-ventilated facades are the ultimate high-tech facades Photo: Ivan Baan, Manuel Herz

Due to its position as a renowned partner of important committees operating in standardisation and construction policy, architecture and industry, the association is an important platform for more than 60 member companies. In this context, FVHF is involved in the uniform structuring of approval processes for the construction of rear-ventilated facades, as well as a standardsation of rear-ventilated curtain facade construction and components. In order to accelerate the technological and economic progress of facade construction, the association fosters application-oriented research, and develops recommendations and guidelines. In addition, FVHF is involved in the creation and introduction of national and international guidelines. The association’s special tasks include the establishment of contacts to other associations, technical committees and research institutions.

FVHF also organises the semi-annual ‘German facade day’, Deutscher Fassadentag®, which has become a significant industry venue. FVHF is also committed to cultural tasks. The association awards the 'German facade prize', Deutsche Fassadenpreis, a prize for rear-ventilated facades, which was one of the awards selected by the Federal Foundation for Architectural Culture in Germany. Every year, seminars for the education and further training of construction managers, junior engineers, engineering students and construction experts take place in Hamm, Germany. A large variety of brochures provides practice-oriented tips for planners, architects, construction experts and facade specialists.


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