Organisation of FVHF

The Association for Materials and Components for Rear-Ventilated Facades (Fachverband für vorgehängte hinterlüftete Fassaden e.V. (FVHF)) is based in Berlin, Germany. It represents the interests of manufacturers who produce cladding, substructures, insulation materials and elements for fixing, fastening and connecting rear-ventilated facades.

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Organisational Structure of FVHF
Graph: FVHF

One of the association’s goals is the promotion of sophisticated design and the implementation of new construction and renovation projects, especially with respect to architecture and building physics and in consideration of all ecological factors.

The main task of FVHF is to communicate the advantages and characteristics of rear-ventilated facades to the public, planners, associations and decision-makers by means of an active information policy.

FVHF actively promotes a uniform approval process structure for the construction of rear-ventilated facades, as well as the standardisation of construction and components. In order to accelerate the technological and economic progress of facade construction, the association develops recommendations and guidelines and fosters application-oriented research. In addition, FVHF is involved in the creation and introduction of national and international guidelines.

Executive board

Executive board of FVHF

The five members of the executive board (from left to right):

Christian Schmidt, KEIL Befestigungstechnik GmbH
Georg Stauber, Sto SE & Co. KGaA
Andreas Reinhardt (Vorsitzender), Systea Pohl GmbH
Wolfgang Häußler, GIP GmbH


Portrait Winterfeld

Ronald Winterfeld, MBM, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH),

Assistance to the Management

Portrait Baier

Tanja Baier,


Portrait Schreiber

Stephan Schreiber,

Honorary Chairmen

Wilhelm K. Kröger
Siegfried Moll
Klaus Reinwarth

Advisory Committe

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens-Uwe Fischer
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät Universität Leipzig
Institut für Infrastruktur und Ressourcen-Management

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Priedemann
priedemann fassadenberatung GmbH

Siegfried Moll
Honorary Chairman of the FVHF
SM & P Consulting

Fachverband Baustoffe und Bauteile für vorgehängte hinterlüftete Fassaden e.V.
Kurfürstenstraße 129
D-10785 Berlin-Schöneberg
Phone (+49) 30 21286-281
Fax (+49) 30 21286-241

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