• Middelfart Savings Bank, Insel Fünen (DK)

    Today, rear-ventilated facades belong to the most popular facade systems. In addition to their functional safety, architects mainly value the design possibilities provided by the use. FVHF places a particular focus on high-lighting the technological advantages of rear-ventilated facade systems.

Due to the large selection of materials for material combinations and cladding, as well as the option of visible or covered fastenings, the rear-ventilated facade system provides an extraordinary variety of design possibilities.

Compared to other facade systems, the structural separation of insulating properties and weather protection makes this system significantly less susceptible to damages. Fire, sound and lightning protection can be incorporated effortlessly, particularly in terms of design.

Due to their durability and low maintenance requirements, rear-ventilated facades are efficient and sustainable investments.

Mit VHF ist optisch alles möglich.
VHF ist technisch ausgereift bis ins kleinste Detail.
Bei VHF ist die Nachhaltigkeit im System begründet.
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